Steroids for women

Permissible drugs, side effects, a competent course of steroids for women and post course therapy

Steroids for women are represented by a group of short esters with a relatively pronounced anabolic index and low androgenic activity.

But even these steroids are not recommended for women! It is not that we recommend the use of AAS for men, but this can be justified in a number of cases, the use of steroids by girls can be justified only if a girl wants to be a professional athlete. Considering the pharma in this vein, it should also be noted, and such drugs as somatotropin and insulin, the use of which in this case is justified. If you are an amateur, or even take part in amateur tournaments, then you should not take AAS, it will not lead to anything good!

Steroids for women is an unnatural thing, because androgenic anabolic drugs are a modified testosterone molecule, and testosterone is a male sex hormone.

In fact, a girl who sets herself a dough, as if makes herself a man, which can cause side effects in the form of virilization.

Virilization is expressed in the coarsening of the voice, the growth of hair on the body and in the formation of muscle tissue according to the “male type”, that is, the muscles become really a lot.

If you do this in order to look better, or, especially, lose weight, then it is stupid, it is just the same as specifically to get worms, so as not to recover from gluttony. In no case do not do this! Do not listen to the assholes who recommend it to you, find a normal guy who will give you the right brain!

If you are a professional athlete, then the use of pharmacology is no longer a question, and it becomes unpleasant, but an obligatory rule of the game. Unfortunately it is! Many people think that it is necessary to stop being a hypocrite and cancel doping control at competitions, they say, yet they understand that all athletes take steroids.


In our opinion, this is not a correct point of view. We think that the use of pharmacology in sports is not ethical at all, and, if it is still possible to use AAS, it is not always possible to calculate and disqualify offenders, this only means that it is necessary to improve the methods of doping control, and not to cancel it.

But, while it is not so, you have to play those rules that exist!

Valid steroids for women
Oxandrolone: the most suitable steroid for girls, because, using it, the chance to get backstocks tends to zero.

Of course, it is necessary to take it in therapeutic dosages, you can start with 10 mg per day, and experienced and mature women should be limited to 20 mg.

The duration of the course should not exceed 8 weeks, it is optimal to take a steroid for 4-8 weeks, watching the state of the body and in time canceling the drug.

By the way, it is the ability to quickly cancel the drug and start PCT is the reason why women need to put precisely short esters. If you use any long preparation, even the easiest one, it will be much more difficult to administer your condition.

Winstrol: a good solution for the girl, because the steroid has an anabolic index of 320%, and androgenic only 30% of testosterone.

In addition, for girls who set themselves comprehensive courses with decks, which, of course, should be done only under the supervision of a sports doctor, but, nevertheless, the participation of stanozolol in this “compote” eliminates progestogenic side effects of the deck. Winstrol girls are recommended to put 25mg 2 times a week. Course duration, of course, 4-8 weeks. If the goal is to dry out, then Winstrol can be set with “oxane”: 10 mg of oxandrolone per day and 25 mg of Winstrol per week. Winstrol solo is also used on “drying”, mass-set cycles with this preparation are only complex.


a rather extreme solution for a girl, but if the course is far from being the first, and oxandrolone cannot cope with its tasks, then it is Turik that should be used to gain weight or increase power indicators.

Androgenic activity in this drug is slightly higher, which is “oxane”, anabolic is two times lower, but, nevertheless, this steroid is much stronger. Turinabol is also a short air that needs to be taken daily at 15mg per day, dividing their intake by 3 times.

Turik is best to take after a meal, drinking it down with plenty of water. Course duration 4-8 weeks.

Other drugs: we are talking about an accordion and insulin, the reception of which greatly enhances the effect of taking AAS, but which should be used if you have already worked out the effectiveness of but courses of oxandrolone.


The use of drugs is described in the articles referred to in the first paragraph, but here it is worth noting that women can have growth hormone 1.5–2 times more than men, although it is worth starting, of course, with therapeutic dosages, gradually increasing them for the reaction of the body.

Of course, the insulin girl should be considered solely as a synergist of growth hormone, which suppresses his side effects, therefore, insulin should be put in therapeutic doses.

PKT for women

The issue of post-course therapy is a burning issue for everyone, despite the fact that it would seem for girls not to recover endogenous testosterone from their hands. Well, restoring what is not is somehow silly.

In fact, the girl, of course, has testosterone, it’s just that there is little of it, well, and after the “course” of it in general, consider it not. A girl should approach the issue of PKT with the same caution as with the use of pharmacy.

First, the girl should never use aromatase inhibitors, preferring the estrogen receptor blocker, that is, clomidou or tamoxifen.

Secondly, it is necessary to leave the course with a “hill”, gradually reducing dosages, for example, you can take a steroid 2 days 75%, 2 days 50% and 3 days 25% of your dosages in the last week.

The girls are also pronounced side effects from steroids, such as depression, increased appetite and reduced immunity. To combat depresnyak you can use teas, glycine, valerian and men. Seriously, frequent and good sex during post-course therapy is an important and indispensable part of it.

So, girls, do not forget to meet guys in the gym! As for appetite, it will have to be controlled solely by willpower, excluding simple carbohydrates and fatty foods from the diet.

To improve immunity, it is worth using vitamin complexes, as well as other pharmaceutical preparations that your doctor or pharmacist can advise you.

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