Steroids for weight loss

Women who lose weight may consider taking steroids such as testosterone, oxandrolone, and others. Hormonal and synthetic anabolics with minimal harm to the body contribute to weight loss, but only in conjunction with exercise and diet. It is important for girls to choose the right dosage so that the drying is successful, the body weight is reduced, and the muscles become more prominent.

How much do you want to lose weight?

Choose the appropriate option:

  • 1-2 kilograms
  • 2-5 kilogram
  • 5-10 kilogram
  • 10-20 kilograms
  • 20 and more kilogram

It is not a secret for anyone that a slim, toned and toned body is the key to health and success for absolutely all girls.

On the way to the ideal figure, the weaker sex has always used a lot of different methods for losing weight – all sorts of physical activity, exhausting diets, as well as a variety of belts and creams that promote weight loss. However, there is a much more effective and effective way – steroids for women for weight loss.

Therefore, the topic of this article and devote these miraculous drugs.

Creatine for slimming girls

The positive effect of steroids on the process of losing weight
One of the main properties characterizing steroids is their relatively high level of biological activity. These substances of natural origin have a number of advantages that are incredibly useful for the female body:

They have the ability to accelerate the processes of generation and renewal of cells, as well as tissue structures and muscles.
Favorably affect anabolic processes. That is, proteins begin to be synthesized at a faster rate, hormones increase, and new muscle fibers form in the body.
They improve strength and endurance, which greatly facilitates and increases the efficiency of physical exertion, which helps to lose weight.

Active fight with the fat layer

Eliminate problems in intimate life, by increasing the sensitivity of the body and craving for a partner. After that, sex life will occur regularly and will not only improve health, but will also help burn calories.
They affect the mental activity of a woman in the best possible way, namely, they increase mood and help to find inner peace.

Permissible Dosages

It should be understood that the generally accepted dose prescribed for steroids does not exist. In order to correctly determine the dosage that you need specifically, you should decide how many kilograms you want to lose weight, what are your individual body parameters and health condition, as well as in combination with what methods to reduce weight will use these anabolic medicines.

Referring to a highly qualified doctor, he will accurately determine how many percent of adipose tissue falls on the total body weight, the level of passage of metabolic processes, and also check the patient for the presence of pathologies that prohibit the use of anabolic steroids. After that, the most rational dose will be assigned, which will help to achieve the maximum effect for losing weight in a short time and get the minimum harm to health. See also: hormones for weight loss for women.

Possible negative consequences

The first thing to consider is the fact that steroids reduce the production of estrogen. Therefore, if girls start to actively use anabolic substances, the following negative effects are possible:

defeat of the sebaceous glands – this is manifested in the appearance of redness on the skin, blackheads and black spots;
failure of the immune system;
facial features and voice characteristic of men;
painful enlargement of the genitals, breast exhaustion and infertility.
If women do not abuse anabolic tablets, then the likelihood of these effects is quite small. Find the right approach to your body in the question of losing weight and taking steroids, which is suitable for health and goals in the best way. Lose weight right! We wish you success!