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First, let’s look at why bass-speaking athletes, with foaming at the mouth, prove their innocence to hormone therapy. There are two reasons: the first is that not all competitions lack doping control.

And, if, in the media flashes an interview with the recognition – it will create a precedent to which the sports federation or the organizing committee of the competition will be required to respond. How ? Disqualification. And the second reason – I explained in detail here in this article (or video).

If in brief, no matter how they call out bikinisers, one must admit that hundreds of thousands of girls strive for just such forms.

Moreover, all people are different, there are many who are prone to thoughtless copying and the very fact of using drugs by their idol can push some of these people to use drugs long before it is effective and necessary. And some of the people on the contrary – to push away from attempts to change themselves, although, most likely for their purposes, drugs are generally not needed.

Are steroids needed for women?

How to determine the need?
So what do those girls who want to go on stage? Whom to listen to when so much conflicting information. Let me tell you a few rules, following which you will understand – is this chemistry really necessary?

Stop imagining the sporting life of demotivators and clips. In order to enter the top six on the stage you will need three things. 1. Natural data – genetics. 2. Diligence 3. Resources (time and money). Imagine that a competitive career is a stool with these three legs. It is necessary to remove any of them, as the stool ceases to stand firmly.

So, you should be clearly aware that stupidly working in the gym and in the bottom of chemistry will not help you become a champion if there is no genetic data for this. And steroids for women are not a panacea.

Stop thinking that anyone with a badge is a “personal trainer” and even with huge banks is a specialist.


I have already told in detail in this article (ibid vidos) – how to choose a coach, but we live in the real world. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of business trainers. If you run into the coach of a merchant, he will promise you that you will be in prizes. And in a couple of months, he will tell you about the fact that with the magic “chemistry” you will turn into a podium bikini.

Of course, the best prices and a guarantee from him. With regard to competitive sport, if the coach is not interested in you about your hormonal profile, about the details of your menstrual cycle and is not able to assess your chances from the point of view of genetics, this is not a good sign.

Remember, chemistry is not intended to ensure that the result can be obtained easier and faster.

It is a myth.

Therefore, tune in to the fact that body building is a few years of training, analysis, and no hurry. Do not believe demotivators, calling for “eb …. sew” – instead, you need regular and systematic work.

And only a few years later, when you can really shine a professional career – that is, when you will earn a living from it – you can think about an additional incentive, but not earlier. So steroids for women are not for everyone. There is a need for risk justification.

So let’s summarize:

We all would like more honesty, but there are objective reasons why athletes do not talk about their relationship with steroids. The first is possible administrative sanctions, and the second is to protect the health of too zealous followers.

Well assess your chances – no chemistry and no plowing in the hall will make you a champion without genetic data.

If you decide to speak, then do not think that chemistry is needed to facilitate the task and speed up the result. Only systematic analysis and regular labor instead of assault and haste can produce results.

If you have not learned how to eat and exercise, then nothing but acne and self-esteem from chemistry will not grow. It makes sense for girls to think about chemistry only with a professional career, not earlier than after several years of training.


Well, it was a special issue for the kiss-my-abs blog for girls who want to compete. And today it is all, be healthy, beautiful, with you was Basilio and bye for now.